China has set 2020 as the target year to finish building a moderately prosperous society (called "Xiaokang") in all respects. China SCIO takes you to see all the new changes around the country.

Shaanxi community factories lift relocated villagers from poverty

Wuwei: Moving into prosperity

Village thrives on decorative railroad in central China

Arxan: Eco-tourism leads to prosperity

Desheng village builds prosperity based on local conditions

Targeted poverty alleviation brings prosperity to Shibadong

Village turns to rural tourism and traditional crafts to cast off poverty

Breeding crabs in rice fields: City's eco-friendly way to vitalize rural economy

Water projects help farmers in arid area shake off poverty

New road in Nujiang links isolated towns in SW hinterlands

Isolated village builds road to prosperity

Clifftop villagers' ladder to better lives


Making a fortune at home


High-altitude herders' highway to prosperity

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